Why social media management cost?

So you registered for several FREE social media accounts for your business. While your trying to get things done around the office your phone keeps going off. Twitter, you have a new follower. A few moments later another notification goes off. Facebook, your new friend liked a post. All of these pauses take approximately 2-3 minutes to review and about 5-10 minutes to respond. However when you get 20 notifications in a day that is 1 full hour spent just reviewing what was said or who followed you. IF you took the time to respond at 10 minutes that is a full 3.33 hours spent not working. Yes, it’s working but it’s not lucrative work.

You decide you want a professional to manage this task for you. Build you a better following on Twitter, Facebook, and so on. How much does this cost? On average a social media management company that builds your brand, public image, post content for you, and possibly runs ads for you. Typically charge “Work Experience. For most of us (who aren’t famous in the digital world), the biggest factor in how much you can charge is your work experience. If you’re new to the working world, you might want to stick with $15-$40/hour. If you have five years of professional experience under your belt, transition into the $45-$75 range, and if you have more than five years experience, you can usually get away with charging $80-$100 or more.” via http://alexisgrant.com/2012/09/27/what-to-charge-for-social-media-work-as-a-freelancer-or-consultant/

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what the 60 hours per month is worth responding to social media accounts. You can also see our rates at http://www.evirtualaid.com



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